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2-Komponent Lack-spray kit


The Rim 2C Spray Paint Kit offers an excellent and easy way to give your rims a look new again. Whether you choose a colour that matches your car or your goal is a strong contrast – the sporty look is always assured. The application itself is time-saving and couldn’t be easier, because the Rim 2C Spray Paint Kit is available as a complete DIY-Set.


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Our Universal 2C Spray Paint utilizes an innovative 2-component-system:
the hardening agent is already in the can, which means you can say goodbye to inconvenient mixing! Simply pierce the cartridge of the hardening agent using the push button, shake, and that’s it!

Since this is a real 2-component paint the lacquer itself is very hard and resistant – high temperatures, chemicals, corrosion and salt are not a problem. A clear coat is also not needed. Even amateurs can achieve a smooth and OE-like finish thanks to the fine spray jet, not forgetting the good conscience of having done it yourself.

  • 2C lacquer for professional painting results
  • chemical- and weather resistant
  • temperature resistant
  • high abrasion resistance

The Rim 2C Spray Paint Kit includes:

  • 3 x 400 ml cans Universal 2C Spray Paint – enough for 4 rims*
  • 25 cards for masking between the wheel rims and tyres
  • 4 cleaning wipes for degreasing
  • 1 pair of disposable protective gloves
  • a grinding sponge
  • a high quality microfibre cloth for the cleaning and care

* sufficient for rim sizes up to a maximum of 18″ (depending on the number of spokes and surface of the rim, a fourth can may be necessary for 18″)


  • Remove the wheel, clean the rim and roughen it 
with the provided abrasive sponge.
  • Degrease the surface with a cleaning cloth. 
Insert a card between the rim and the tyre.
  • Spray on the Universal 2C Spray Paint in 2 – 3 thin layers.Note: The paint is dry and ready for fitting after 24 hours.

For detailed information, check the instruction manual!

Due to the lighting conditions in product photography and different screen settings, the color of the product may not be reproduced authentically.

Application sheet

Download instruction manual

Frequently asked

For which rims is the Rim 2C Spray Paint Kit suitable?
⇒ It is suitable for both aluminium and steel rims.

What preparations are necessary?
⇒ The rims must be thoroughly cleaned and dry. Rust must be removed completely, for example with a rotating wire brush for the cordless screwdriver. Then sand the rim with the enclosed grinding sponge. Now remove the sanding dust and degrease the surface with the isopropanol wipes. Done!

Do I need a primer?
⇒ No, basically no primer is needed, sanding and degreasing the substrate is completely sufficient.

Do I need a clear lacquer?
⇒ No, due to the high-quality properties of the 2C lacquer, no clear lacquer is required to protect the surface.

How do I clean and care for the newly painted rims?
⇒ During the first 7 days, the lacquer coating should not be subjected to extreme stress (fast motorway journeys, heavy braking from high speeds, driving over mountain passes). After 7 days, we recommend cleaning with an acid-free rim cleaner.

Ask our technician

If you have any further questions please have a look at the FAQs in our blog or ask our technician.

Tip: You can also find application images taken from other users in our blog.


”Gun” metallic blank, Brons metallic blank, Silver metallic blank, Svart blank, Svart matt